Andi Bowskill

Speculative Editorial Work

New Yorker, Simon Parkin-'Hidetaka Miyazaki Sees Death as a Feature,
Not a Bug'

Wall Street Journal, David Harrison- ‘Trucks are taking over U.S. roads, fueled by a rise in pandemic online shopping and disruptions to global supply chains.⁠’

Guardian, Hilary Osborne, Sarah Butler- ‘From milk to crisps: why the price of basic food items is rising’

New Yorker,Christopher Byrd- ‘The Strange, Unfinished Saga of Cyberpunk 2077’
Washington Post, Kate Cohen- 
‘Opinion: New York’s plastic bag law is a much needed mom law’

New Scientist, Chris Stokel-Walker
‘Cities like London and Tokyo have their own unique microbiomes’

New Yorker, Maria Konnikova-
‘Cars Vs Bikes Vs Pedestrians’

The Daily Telegraph,  Tony Diver, Ben Riley-Smith-
‘A booze run to fill a suitcase with wine: The full story of our exclusive on those Downing Street parties’
Popular Science, Neel Dhanesha- ‘How nature has taken over Chernobyl’
Futurism, Dan Robitski-
‘A Look inside the Deep Sea Graveyard for Dead Spacecraft’

NK News, Oliver Jia-
'Super Mario in Pyongyang: North Korea’s burgeoning video game culture’

Washington Post, Alyssa Rosenberg
‘How Police Censorship shaped Hollywood’

Tuesday Nov 2 2021